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[011]: Voltron Superfan Mark Oliver

Episode Summary

In this episode, Marc and Mike get to the heart of Voltron fandom with one of the biggest Voltron fans we know - Mark Oliver. We get deep into the process of how Mark created his own homemade Voltron costume for New York Comic Con. Mark talks about how he became a Voltron fan, and how he became a huge collector of everything Voltron. We also talk about the TV shows, conventions, toys and merchandise, fandom, and his favorites. If you get a chance to go to Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, Mark will be there in his Voltron costume. He would love to hang out with all the Voltron fans there.

Episode Notes

We loved recording this episode with our special guest, Mark Oliver. He really is a superfan for everything Voltron. Mark takes us to school on what it takes to make your very own homemade Voltron costume. He gives tips on how to approach the project if you plan on doing it yourself.

Mark takes us back in time to when he first became a Voltron fan at age 3! Then, how he evolved into a premiere Voltron collector. We ask him about each of the Voltron TV shows and find out how he just loves everything that Voltron has appeared in over the years.

Mark takes us through his collection of Voltron toys, collectibles and merchandise, and talks about some specific items. Then, he gives us the rundown on all his favorites in the world of Voltron.

It doesn’t get any better than to live vicariously through the eyes of a Voltron superfan. Mark is very appreciative of all the fans, the people responsible for bringing us Voltron, and all the people who have been involved with the Defender of the Universe over the years.

Mark will be in St. Louis, April 4-6, to attend Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. If you are going, look for the guy in the Voltron costume. He would love to take a picture with you, and hang out and talk about Voltron.

At the beginning of the episode, Mark mentioned the Voltron Collectible Nutcracker that is now available for sale on the Voltron store.

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