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[013]: WEP VP Bob Koplar (Part 2)

Episode Summary

The second part of our interview with World Events Productions Vice President Bob Koplar includes Bob's answers to all the fan questions that were submitted before the interview. If you ever wanted to know the final word on Voltron Force toys or what the DreamWorks acquisition of Classic Media means for Voltron, you'll find those answers here, and much more.

Episode Notes

This episode of Let’s Voltron continues our conversation with Bob Koplar, the Vice President of World Events Productions. In Part 2, Bob answers all the fan questions and thanks the fans for their support for the last 30 years.

If you were ever curious if there will ever be Voltron Force toys, based on the Nicktoons cartoon, Bob gives us the FINAL word on that subject.

If you wondered what DreamWorks’ acquisition of Classic Media will mean for the Voltron franchise, Bob gives us some insight into what WEP knows at this point.

If you wanted to know what conventions WEP will be attending to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Voltron, Bob lets us know where they will be this year.

If you want to know more about Beast King GoLion, the original Japanese cartoon that Voltron was derived from, then you will hear Bob talk about that in this episode.

If you had submitted a question that was not asked during this episode, we apologize if we could not include it this time around. There will be many more guests coming on the podcast this year, and there are many more opportunities to submit questions. So, keep trying, and we’ll make sure to include your questions.

We want to thank Bob Koplar for being our special guest, and for everything that WEP has done over the last 30 years since Voltron entered our lives and became such a lasting memory. We are looking forward to seeing more Voltron in the future.

Don’t forget, Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con is this weekend, April 4-6, in St. Louis. We are looking forward to talking about the convention and the response from Voltron fans that are attending from all over.

Thanks for listening!