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[016]: Original Series Director Franklin Cofod (Part 1)

Episode Summary

In the first of two episodes, Marc and Mike have an illuminating conversation with Franklin Cofod, Director and Producer of the Original Voltron Series. Franklin hits it all from the production team that made the original episodes of Lion Force, Vehicle Force, and Fleet of Doom, from 1984-1986.

Episode Notes

In the first of two episodes covering a terrific interview with Original Voltron Series Director Franklin Cofod, Marc and Mike go deep to find out how the creative production team, based in the Los Angeles area, made the original episodes of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Franklin hits it from all angles:

No stone is left unturned because Franklin talked to us for 2 hours! This is the longest interview you will ever find with Franklin Cofod. And this episode only covers the first half.

Next week, we'll conclude this interview with questions from fans all over the world.

Thanks for listening!