Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast

[020]: Voltron Fangirls Roundtable

Episode Summary

In this episode, the Voltron Fangirls take over, as Marc has a Voltron Roundtable Discussion with 4 Female Voltron Superfans. In addition, Marc announces several podcast events and Voltron.com offerings.

Episode Notes

In this episode, the Voltron Fangirls take over, as Marc has a Voltron Roundtable Discussion with 4 Female Voltron Superfans. In addition, Marc announces several podcast events and Voltron.com offerings.

The first event is a T-Shirt Campaign for the Let’s Voltron Podcast. You can go to http://teespring.com/letsvoltron to purchase Let’s Voltron Podcast Logo t-shirts in 3 varieties: Canvas Ringspun (Unisex Gray), Canvas Triblend (Unisex Tan), and Womens Junior (Gray).

Podcast T-Shirts Front
Podcast T-Shirts Back

The way this works is like a Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to sell 50 t-shirts or more in a 3-week period. The campaign ends on July 18th, whether we reach our goal or not. If we reach our goal, t-shirts will be shipped to arrive anywhere from 7-13 days after July 18. If we don’t reach our goal, then no one will get a t-shirt at all.

There are shipping costs associated with these, but it is to your advantage to order as many as you can in the same reservation to save on the cost of shipping. So, gather your friends and family together that live near you, get their size and style information, and put it all in one order, and you will save a boatload on shipping for the additional shirts.

We also need your help to spread the word to make sure we reach the goal and everyone gets their shirts. Tell everyone you know by word of mouth, share on Facebook, Twitter, email, forums and fan groups, and use the URL, http://teespring.com/letsvoltron in every correspondence. Thanks!

Another podcast announcement is that Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast will have a vendor booth at RetroCon on Sept 27-28, 2014, in Oaks, PA, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. We will be sharing a booth with Bad Wolf Radio, under The OrangeFM Podcast Network. Voltron and Doctor Who will be represented at RetroCon, where we will give out Cards and Stickers, and sell T-Shirts and Hats, while we each record podcasts directly from the fans at RetroCon. You can pre-order tickets for both days for ONLY $22 for RetroCon at http://retrocons.com/purchase-retro-con-tickets/

Coloring Pages are available to print for Voltron Force on Voltron.com! Bob Koplar talked about them, at the request of our Australian fans, on our Episode 13 Podcast. You can download or print them from http://wep.com/cpages/index.html and while you are on Voltron.com, for this weekend only, you can get Free Shipping on all orders, using the discount code, FREESHIP, during the second step of the checkout process. This free shipping offer ends Sunday, June 29, 2014.

Meet the Fangirls


Twitter Handle: @DreamtimeDancer, also DreamtimeDancer for the Fan Fiction Network, and her Voltron fansite resource for fanfic writers is http://dreamtimedancer.com/


Moira has been a Voltron fan since she was a kid back in the 80s. Through the years the memory of the show never faded. When a wave of nostalgia hit in the early 2000s she went looking on the internet to find any information on that old show she loved and was surprised to find a whole community of people who also never forget that show from their childhood. The discovery of the world of fanfiction opened a whole new world where the original show continued to live on in the imaginations of its fans. She maintains a Voltron fansite resource site just for those fanfiction authors on where to find the source materials and to feed their imaginations to keep on writing.


Twitter Handle: @malinkibelka Twitter RP: www.twitter.com/skechek/lists/voltron-rp


Her name is Talley Laflamme, but she goes by Malinki-Belka (Russian for little squirrel) on Voltron Forums and Fanfiction.net, twitter, etc. She’s an Army vet, a former sorority and pageant girl, a mom, a wife, Roller Derby girl, Dept of Defense analyst and a Mary Kay consultant... but before all of that—she’s been a Voltron fan since 1984. She remembers walking over a mile back in her hometown (back in the day..uphill both ways in the Oklahoma snow of course..) to buy her very own Allura action figure at Western Auto store because she couldn't wait anymore. She’s been a die-hard fangirl ever since. One of her first computer programs she wrote in 6th grade was a Voltron Choose-your-own-adventure game! But, Voltron and her other giant robot and Mecha loves had to be her little secret because all of her friends were into lame 'girl' things like Sweet Valley High and Little House on the Prairie books. It's only in the past few years that she finally met other females who love Voltron as much as she does.

“I like to think that not only can ladies be Voltron Geeks, they can be glamorous Voltron geeks. :)”



Twitter handle: @Chee_toy and Voltron Twitter RP: @allura_arus @harmlessgary. @yaygary is the twitter comic she was working on.


Amateur artist (has a BA in Fine arts) & Full time mom.

Bit of a toy collector (not to the same scale as Mark Oliver).

Grew up watching Voltron after school in Rochester, NY. Used to have the Panosh Voltron and figures. (Wonders about where that Voltron & figures vanished to.) Made Fanart then, hasn't stopped yet


Twitter handle: @tribalgrl1 Twitter RP list: https://twitter.com/Skechek/lists/voltron-rp


She's a professional proofreader by day, but by night she's a writer, ballet dancer, nail polish fanatic, and a founding member of Snarktron Force and the Twitter RP (She plays Lance, CJ, and Coran).

Thank you, Voltron Fangirls, for participating on the Let's Voltron Podcast, and a big thank you to all the fans out there for listening!