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[024]: Acidfree Gallery Owner Chris Wofford

Episode Summary

Marc talks to Chris Wofford, the Owner and Founder of Acidfree Gallery, your #1 location for Limited Edition Voltron Screen Prints. Marc and Chris talk about the newest Voltron Print by Artist James White, as well as exclusive Voltron prints that will be available on Voltron's 30th birthday and at New York Comic Con in October.

Episode Notes

Your host, Marc Morrell, has invited Chris Wofford, the Owner and Founder of Acidfree Gallery, to be his special guest for an episode that's all about licensed Limited Edition Screen Prints that Acidfree Gallery sells online at AcidfreeGallery.com and at conventions like New York Comic Con. Whether you are a collector of fine art or a geek from the 80's, Acidfree Gallery has something for you!

Marc and Chris talk about the newest Limited Edition Voltron Screen Print by Artist James White, which is being released at 12:30 PM EDT on Friday, August 8, only on AcidfreeGallery.com. This is bound to sell out in a very short time, so make sure your fingers are clicking on the mouse at exactly 12:30 PM. Here is what the screen print will look like:

James White Print

You can also learn more about the print here.

It's an amazing piece of art that will look great on any Voltron Fan's wall. And the Voltron releases do not end there! Coming on September 10, Voltron's 30th Birthday, Acidfree Gallery will be releasing another Limited Edition Voltron Print that promises to be even more epic, with villains from the show included. The artist's name cannot be released yet, but Chris' description of this print will make you want to jump on this one as soon as it goes on sale.

And the Voltron releases do not end there! Chris tells us that New York Comic Con promises to be Acidfree Gallery's biggest convention ever, with another new Limited Edition Voltron Screen Print that will be sold exclusively at the Acidfree Gallery booth on the exhibit hall floor at New York Comic Con.

The best part of all? Chris Wofford is offering a FREE Metal Variant Screen Print of the September 10th 30th Anniversary Voltron Print to one lucky Voltron Fan! What do you have to do to be in the running for this amazing screen print collectible? Chris wants you to “SHOW US YOUR VOLTRON!”

Show Us Your Voltron

Send us a picture of you decked out in your Voltron Gear, and try to make this as elaborate as possible. You may have a Voltron tattoo, or Voltron jersey, or a Voltron costume, or hat and t-shirt. However you want, “SHOW US YOUR VOLTRON!” (you may get extra points for having the name of the podcast in your picture somewhere...just a suggestion) You can send your photos to @LetsVoltron on Twitter, our email at LetsVoltronPodcast@gmail.com, or our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/letsvoltron The winner will be chosen by Chris and announced on the anniversary special Let's Voltron Podcast episode on September 10.

Marc also asked people to tell us what their plans are for the 30th Anniversary of Voltron on September 10. Are you going to watch a marathon of Original Series Episodes, 3rd Dimension, or Voltron Force. Will you have a party, and invite all your close Voltron Fan friends? How will you celebrate? Send us your stories of what you will be doing on September 10, @LetsVoltron on Twitter, our email at LetsVoltronPodcast@gmail.com, or our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/letsvoltron. You can even tell us on the voice mail line at 860-4-MULLET. If you leave a voice mail, you are guaranteed to get your story told on the podcast.

Hold onto your Blazing Sword, because on our next podcast episode, Marc will be interviewing Original Series Voice Actor Neil Ross, the voice of Pidge and Keith from Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Fleet of Doom, and Voltron: The Third Dimension.

Neil Ross

Please send us questions for Neil Ross at the above-mentioned email, Facebook, Twitter, and Voice Mail accounts. This is the first time we have had anyone who played the characters we have come to love after 30 years, so make your questions count!

As always, Thanks for listening!