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[026] Vehicle Team Voltron with Gregory Tyler (Part 1)

Episode Summary

Your host, Marc Morrell, welcomes Voltron Superfan Gregory Tyler, who helps Marc cover the first of 2 podcast episodes all about Vehicle Team Voltron. These aren't episode reviews of the Vehicle Voltron show, but a comprehensive look at the history, the characters, story, themes, and comparisons with Dairugger and Lion Force Voltron.

Episode Notes

In the first of two podcast episodes covering Vehicle Team Voltron, Marc welcomes special guest Gregory Tyler (Dudley Drule Right on Voltron.com Forums), who is a fan of everything Voltron, but has a special love for Panosh Place Voltron Toys and is working on creating his own 3D-printed Panosh Place Style Vehicle Voltron.

Marc and Greg cover mostly history, comparisons, and story-related aspects of Vehicle Team Voltron in this episode. The second episode, which will be released next week, will cover a little more story-related questions, but will really dive deep into the tie-in merchandise that was associated with the Vehicle Voltron show, and we'll talk about Greg's own fan projects.

At the top of the episode, Marc mentions some other coverage of Vehicle Volton that came before this podcast. Obviously, we don't want to suggest that there hasn't been a lot more written about or videos that talk about Vehicle Voltron, but these are what we consider to be 3 of the top ones that cover “the other Voltron”.

The first is a video that was produced by WEP several years ago, and it is narrated by former WEP Creative Director, Jeremy Corray. It is entitled Lion Voltron VS. Vehicle Voltron: The Fans Sound Off!

The second is a site that was created by a fan named Purrsia, called VoltronCentral.net and it contains information, character bios, episode descriptions, links, videos, pictures and a whole lot more. It breaks everything down by Dairugger and Vehicle Team Voltron in their own respective categories. It is a really good resource for those looking for answers to your Vehicle Voltron questions.

The third is the 2-Part Video Retrospective on Vehicle Voltron done recently by RetroBlasting. This comprehensive look at the Vehicle Voltron show and the merchandise that came with it really covers a lot of ground, supported by fantastic visuals. Watch them here:

Part 1 of RetroBlasting's Vehicle Voltron Retrospective

Part 2 of RetroBlasting's Vehicle Voltron Retrospective

Instead of these 2 Vehicle team Voltron podcast episodes re-hashing these other stories, we would like to think that this discussion between Marc and Greg complements them in a respectful way, while diving deep into the substance of the show, its history, and the merchandise and fandom that surround it.

Marc also made 2 Big Announcements during this podcast. The first is a worldwide gathering of Voltron fans online on September 10. This “Voltron 30th Anniversary Marathon” in the form of a Google Hangout on Air will be hosted by Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast, and it will start at 2 PM ET and run a full 8 hours, until 10 PM ET. You need to have a Google Account to participate. Fans can chat with each other while they watch a programmed YouTube playlist that will include Voltron episodes from every series, as well as special interviews, celebrity reels, robot chicken sketches, old commercials, and fan films. You won't want to miss this chance to gather with Voltron Fans from all over the world, all at the same time, and watch your favorite giant robot in all his glory.

The second announcement was that Let's Voltron will release a special September 10 30th Anniversary podcast, with WEP Managing Director Tiffany Ilardi joining us as a special guest. Also, Chris Wofford from Acidfree Gallery will be announcing the winner of the “Show Us Your Voltron” picture contest. The winner will be receiving a Limited Edition METAL Voltron 30th Anniversary Print (a $200 value!).

Thanks for listening!