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[027] Vehicle Team Voltron with Gregory Tyler (Part 2)

Episode Summary

In this second part of the discussion about Vehicle Team Voltron, Marc Morrell concludes his discussion with Gregory Tyler with a comprehensive history of tie-in merchandise for Vehicle Team Voltron, as well as Greg's own personal fan projects that include a re-edited Voltron opening video and a 3D-printed Panosh-style Vehicle Team Voltron replica.

Episode Notes

Marc and his special guest, Greg Tyler, finish their discussion on Vehicle Team Voltron, where they spend the biggest part of the episode talking about the Vehicle Voltron toys and merchandise that were released in the 80's, from companies like Matchbox, LJN Toys, Panosh Place, HG Toys, Warren, and Toynami.

Greg also lets us into some of his own personal projects related to Voltron. Greg has been documenting his progress on Facebook for the 3D-printed Panosh-style Vehicle Voltron, similar in scale to the original Panosh Place Lion Voltron.

Check out the Gallery and Description of this awesome fan project.

Greg's other project involved re-making the Voltron opener for both Voltrons, so it could be used interchangeably for any of the episodes of either Lion Force Voltron or Vehicle Team Voltron. Watch the YouTube video for that opener.

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