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[031] Voltron Comic Book Artists N. Steven Harris and Jacob Chabot

Episode Summary

Marc has a roundtable discussion with 2 esteemed Voltron Comic Book Artists: N. Steven Harris and Jacob Chabot. Marc talks to each of them individually, and then opens up the discussion to both. They talk about how they became Voltron fans, comic book artists, and how they were picked to be artists for Voltron Comics.

Episode Notes

Marc has a roundtable discussion with 2 prominent Voltron Comic Book Artists in this episode of the Let's Voltron Podcast.

N. Steven Harris

N. Steven Harris is an award-winning comic book and storyboard artist for Marvel, DC, Dynamite, and many more publishers. His Voltron work includes The Ten Lions series (issues 7-12) of the Dynamite Voltron Comic Book Series.

His work can be seen on his website. You can also follow him on Twitter and buy his books here.

Jacob Chabot

Jacob Chabot is an award-winning artist for Spongebob Comics, Simpsons Comics, Hello Kitty, Voltron Force, X-Babies, and The Mighty Skullboy Army. Jacob's Voltron work includes the 1st and 6th issues of the Voltron Force Graphic Novel Series from Viz Media, and the epilogue comic at the end of Voltron: From Days of Long Ago, A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration.

Jacob's Work is available at BeetleBug Comics.

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