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[034] Voltron: From Days of Long Ago

Episode Summary

We brought together the team that wrote the Perfect Square Publication, Voltron: From Days of Long Ago, A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration for this episode. Our guests are Traci Todd (Sr. Editor at Viz Media) and Josh Bernard (Collection DX), and we also have a pre-recorded presentation at the Barnes & Noble Book Signing with Marc, Brian Smith and Jacob Chabot.

Episode Notes

Our second to last episode of 2014 brings you the whole team that formed like Voltron to bring the fans Perfect Square's “Voltron: From Days of Long Ago, A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration”, the coffee table style compendium book that covers everything Voltron from 1984-2014.

Marc talked with Traci Todd, Sr Editor at Viz Media, and Josh Bernard from Collection DX. And, from a pre-recorded Book Signing and Presentation at Barnes & Noble Tribeca in New York City, Marc was also on stage with Brian Smith and Jacob Chabot. So, all 5 Lions are represented here on Let's Voltron!

Traci Todd was Black Lion, who formed a great book out of all the submissions of the writers and artists that contributed.

Brian Smith was Red Lion, the right arm that detailed the fictional side of the Voltron Universe, in all of the series that were shown on TV.

Marc Morrell was Green Lion, who told the story of how Voltron was developed as a children's cartoon TV series in America in 1984, and the chronology of everything Voltron over the last 30 years.

Josh Bernard was Blue Lion, who told the story of the Voltron Toys and Collectibles that have been created in Voltron's image over the 30-year span.

Jacob Chabot was Yellow Lion, who created the artwork for the Comic Book Epilogue at the end of the book, which shows the storyline that would have been Season 2 of Voltron Force.

Sam Elzway (Designer) could have been our Sven, as his designs made the book look great, from the cover to every page in between. Although he was not on the podcast with us, his contributions will never go unnoticed.

This episode gets into the background of how the project came together, and how these 5 Voltron Fans came together to provide the rest of the Voltron Fans with the largest Voltron compendium ever made.

If you are one of the few who still have not picked up a copy of the book, or you want to buy the book as a Christmas Gift for a lucky Voltron fan, you can get the book at the Voltron Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Our next episode of Let's Voltron will be the 1-year Anniversary of Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast. We will breakdown all the episodes from the first year of the podcast, giving you our “Best of Let's Voltron”.

Thank you for listening!