Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast

[035] The Best of Let's Voltron!

Episode Summary

Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast celebrates its 1-year Anniversary in grand fashion with anniversary greetings from Voltron Fans around the world. Also, WEP VP Bob Koplar and Marc Morrell review and discuss ALL 34 episodes that preceded this one.

Episode Notes

Happy 1st Anniversary to Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast!

I am proud to share this review of everything that happened on the Let's Voltron Podcast from this past year, as well as some anniversary greetings that Voltron Fans left us on voicemail. As I went through recording this 35th podcast episode, it became very clear that I have a lot of people to thank for making this past year so special for all the Voltron Fans.

So, I have to start by thanking the wonderful people at World Events Productions for carrying the Voltron torch these past 30 years, and for coming on the podcast to share the information that can only come from the home office in St. Louis. So, a very special thank you to Ted Koplar, Bob Koplar and Tiffany Ilardi. Extra thanks to Bob Koplar for helping me walk through all these podcast episodes.

Marc and Bob

I really want to thank Jeremy Corray for helping get this podcast started in December 2013, and for his continued support as a resource and occasional co-host. I want to thank Michael French for making many episodes special with his expert commentary and for carrying the Blazing Sword as a great co-host. I have to thank Dan Jolley for being a great fan-favorite guest and a super co-host when we review the original Voltron episodes. Big thank you to Gregory Tyler for being a great Voltron Fan and for bringing a comprehensive look at Vehicle Team Voltron to the listeners of the podcast.

The rest of the people on this list have all been terrific contributors to the podcast and were all important to the success of the 1st year of Let's Voltron. Here they are, in no particular order:

Mark Oliver, Tommy Yune, George Sohn, Seth Green, Clare Grant, Brian “Smitty” Smith, Lucas Morrell, Marc Handler, Franklin Cofod, John Teichmann, Casey Snider, Chee-toy, Talley LaFlamme, Moira, Brandon Thomas, Cubbieberry, Rileah Vanderbilt, Chris Wofford, Neil Ross, Josh McKillips, N. Steven Harris, Jacob Chabot, Linda Endinger, Todd Matthy, Tara Scully, Traci Todd, Josh Bernard, Aaron Goins, Jon Eckert, Tony and Rose Tuski, Kim Morrell, and Master Harry Pfister (a true inspiration).

Thank you so much to all the fans that submitted great questions for many of the guests in all of the episodes, and for sharing your thoughts, comments, memories, and super Voltron fandom.

Thank you all for making 2014 the best year ever for me and here's hoping that 2015 has the ability to top it!

Thanks for listening! See you all in 2015!