Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast

[006]: We're Space Explorers

Episode Summary

As this is the 30th Anniversary Year of the Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe Series, we dive into the Lion Force Series, starting at the first episode: Space Explorers Captured, leading up to before Voltron is formed for the 1st time in Episode 4: The Missing Key.

Episode Notes

This episode is exciting for our hosts, Mike French and Marc Morrell, because they finally get to talk about the original series in detail, starting with the first 4 episodes, out of 52, in the Lion Force Series.

As an added bonus, Mike French gives the Beast King GoLion perspective as we go through the episodes.

Before they discuss these episodes, Mike prepares the listeners to be on the lookout for the 2nd Issue of the Robotech/Voltron Crossover Comic Series, due out later this month. The 3rd issue cover has already been teased through Facebook and Twitter.

Marc announces the “Challenge the Chee” selection for our resident podcast artist, Chee-Toy. Our superfan listener, Cryoflyte, posted this suggestion that our hosts have chosen:

@LetsVoltron @Chee_toy @Voltron ooh ooh...the space explorers taking on that robeast they never got to fight in the arena! #ChallengeTheChee

— Cryoflyte (@Skechek) January 29, 2014

Our hosts wanted to see an image of the fight between the Space Explorers and the Blue Robeast, so when Chee-Toy is finished, she will post that to the Let’s Voltron Facebook Page. Thanks, Chee-Toy, and thanks to Cryoflyte for the great suggestion!

Thanks for listening!