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[007]: Voltron DDP Comics Author Dan Jolley

Episode Summary

Marc and Mike welcome fan favorite, Dan Jolley, to the podcast to talk about the Voltron: Defender of the Universe Devils Due Publishing Comics he authored in 2003-2004. Dan talks about everything from Voltron's origin to why the Space Mice will never have tutus in his universe. You also get to hear about the current projects that Dan is working on.

Episode Notes

Never underestimate the power of Voltron Fans! That’s what we learned this week when a Twitter conversation started a string of events that led us to our special guest this week: Voltron DDP Comics Author Dan Jolley.

As you will find out from listening to this podcast episode, Dan Jolley is overwhelmed by the fan support for his version of the Voltron story. Since he was the first one to create true character backstories and bios for many of the characters we were introduced to by the original TV series, he was given free reign by WEP to make this universe his own. Dan’s intuition served him well as the major plot points came together, and we saw these characters mature before our eyes with every issue of the DDP Comics from 2003-2004.

As this episode begins, Marc makes the colorful connection between Voltron and the Olympics, and Mike remarks that both Lion Force Voltron and Vehicle Voltron could be our team to cheer for in the best Olympics ever.

Then, we welcome Dan Jolley to the podcast and we go back in time to 2003, when Dan first started working with Image Comics/Devils Due Publishing on the Voltron: Defender of the Universe Comics. This enlightening conversation hits many aspects of the Voltron story, from the origin of Voltron to why the space mice won’t be wearing any tutus. You may even hear what Dan would write about if he was able to continue writing some more Voltron comics. He is certainly open to the idea, and would love to work with World Events Productions.

For those of you that submitted questions, listen carefully, as Dan answers your questions, and chooses one of you to receive a signed copy of one of the original Dan Jolley DDP Voltron Comics Issues in Mint Condition!

Dan also tells us about two current projects he is working on with Dark Horse Comics:

It was a real blast having Dan on the Let’s Voltron Podcast, and we have all of you to thank for it!

Give us more suggestions for people you would like to hear us interview on the podcast in the comments below. Let’s Voltron!

Follow Dan Jolley on Twitter and on his website, The Jolleyverse.

The Voltron Omnibus is available here.