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[008]: 30th Anniversary Voltron Book Author Brian Smith

Episode Summary

In this episode, Marc introduces his son, Lucas, to give the 10-year-old perspective for the first time. Marc and Lucas interview Brian "Smitty" Smith, the author of the 6-Volume Voltron Force Graphic Novel series, published by Viz Media. Brian is also writing the 30th Anniversary Voltron 'Encyclopedia', which is due out later this year.

Episode Notes

Marc interviews Brian “Smitty” Smith, author of the 6-volume Voltron Force Graphic Novels from Viz Media, but not before introducing his son, Lucas, to give the 10-year-old perspective for the first time on the Let’s Voltron Podcast.

Marc gives a shout-out to Chee-Toy for the latest artwork inspired by the podcast, an Olympic Voltron Snowboarding, with Blazing Sword covering the entire bottom of the snowboard. That image is now the background image on the Let’s Voltron Facebook Page.

We talked about the new 30th Anniversary Voltron Logo, introduced by WEP on Voltron.com, symbolizing 30 years of defending the universe. Just in time for the 30th Anniversary, WEP has unveiled a new and updated store.voltron.com where you can find all the greatest Voltron merchandise as well as products from other classic WEP shows. Check out the new look today!

Voltron 30th Anniversary Logo

Brian “Smitty” Smith is also the author of the new 30th Anniversary Voltron ‘Encyclopedia’, due out later this year (with the Introduction by Let’s Voltron Podcast Host Marc Morrell). In this podcast, you hear a complete run-through of every issue of the Voltron Force Graphic Novel Series, still available on (store.voltron.com) if you haven’t picked these up yet. If you liked the Voltron Force Nicktoons animated series, you will love Brian’s Graphic novels, because they are just like watching an episode in each volume.

Brian also gives us a tease of something you might see in the 30th Anniversary Voltron Book by Viz Media, but don’t expect much more than that at this time. Brian has agreed to come back and talk to us about the book when it is released.

Brian lets us know about other projects he is involved with right now, as well. See Brian's work on his personal website, the Voltron Store, and the Stuff of Legend Omnibus.